SFSF Endowment Fund
Our Foundation is dedicated to honoring Sophie’s memory by providing financial support to those families burdened by pediatric brain tumors through the "Smiles For Sophie Forever Endowment Fund” at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital of Cleveland, by increasing global awareness of pediatric brain tumors and by providing financial support to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where Sophie was treated, and other viable organizations committed to the treatment of pediatric brain cancer.
Our Contributions

To date, we have given:
$1,144,253 in family grants ($283,500 from Jenna's Rainbow Foundation)
$107,000 to The Cure Starts Now; $50,000 to ChadTough
$233,797 to St Jude Children's Research Hospital 

We could not continue to help families nor fund research to find a cure without your help!
SFSF, with its iconic rainbow logo, has established a new "rainbow connection" with none other than University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital of Cleveland ----a 244-bed children's hospital and academic medical center, whose mission parallels the mission of SFSF. Although, this "rainbow connection" methods may differ from our grant program of the past, the tri-fold mission of helping families with children diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer, supporting organizations committed to finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer, and promoting global awareness of pediatric brain cancer will continue to be in the forefront. This "connection" which is in actuality an endowment fund established with $230,000 of SFSF coffers, along with an initial start-up fund of $12,500 for 2022. The endowment fund will be managed by University Hospitals, with the interest accrued used to support its program for years to come. The funds "will provide financial support for the non-medical needs of brain cancer patients under the active care of University, Hospitals who are under the age of 18 and their families. The fund may also be accessed for the support of pediatric brain cancer research and fellowship training."

The rainbow, the proverbial symbol of hope, will continue to bring that hope to those who are diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer and to those who tirelessly work to find a cure for the many types of pediatric brain cancer, through the work at Rainbow Babies.

In an effort to expand its scope and enlist the assistance of professional social workers, trained to identify the many needs of brain cancer patients and their families, SFSF is comfortable with deferring to the UH Rainbow Babies staff of professionals the process of awarding grants to families in need. After 13 years, the SFSF Board felt the need to broaden its efforts while continuing to keep Sophie's legacy alive. In 2022, SFSF will concentrate on working with Rainbow Babies while building the SFSF Endowment Fund and supporting St. Jude and encouraging all its past supporters to contribute to the endowment (click here to see how you can donate).

With continued donations and local fundraising efforts, the endowment fund will continue to meet the many needs of brain cancer patients. It is certainly the hope of SFSF that our dedicated donors will continue to support the new, improved, and expanded efforts of this once, all-volunteer, grassroots foundation, keeping the memory of precious Sophie alive forever; even after we are reunited again.